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Dynamo Z  - Generator - Alternator 6V/70W 
The replacement for the original Bosch REA 60/6 alternator


Installation options for the following motorcycles:


-K 800                                                                                                                                                                             1933 - 1938

We are pleased to present our new product.

The Dynamo Z, which is a replacement for the original Bosch REA60 / 6 alternators.

We dedicate this dynamo to the Zündapp K800.

This beautiful motorcycle will be moved for a long time on our streets.

Unfortunately, many old-timers have the big problem that the light machines are broken or have far too little


So in the evening / night it was as if you drove in the candle light.

In response to this problem we have built the Dynamo Z in two versions - 12V / 130W with 10A continuous load

max. 15A and in 6V / 80W with 12A load max. 15A.

For the people who do not want to convert anything to your machines, we offer you the 6V version. For the People

who want to connect more modern 12V technology such as mobile phones or Nevis or want to have more light we

recommend the 12V version.


Our new Dynamo Z can be clamped on all types of batteries.

E. Controller:

The old E. regulator in the motorcycles operates without transistors, which dissipate superfluous current to the

ground, which forced us to drive with switched on light.

Our new E. regulator works with polymer fuses that heat up in the event of a short circuit and block the current


The new Dynamos Z however only build as much power as you need at this moment with a small plus for the


It is possible to drive with 6W as well as with 65W, the regulator adjusts itself automatically.

So we can say that we have built an intelligent controller.

The new Dynamos Z do not overheat, are silent and maintenance-free.

Our dynamo is equipped with a special device which guarantees a 100% deactivation of the alternator when the

engine is switched off (ignition key out).

This allows us to ensure that our generator does not cause leakage currents.


With the Dynamo Z in the 12V version the conversion of current collectors is unavoidable, as with all our dynamos

in the 12V version.

Battery, bulb and ampere meter must be exchanged. The original 6V horn can remain, as long as it is not in

continuous operation. Short horns are no problem.

With Dynamo Z 6V nothing has to be changed.

This is connected exactly like the original alternator, except for a 15A fuse which must be installed before

Connection 51 + exactly as with the 12V version.

As far as these cooled again everything works again perfectly.  


We can now proudly say that we have launched a product that will eliminate and eliminate all the electrical

Problems of  Zündapp K800.

We wish you all a good trip.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at: Old-Motorcycle-Parts-Germany.

Best regards

Old Motorcycle Parts


Ø Sizes:

• Length with shaft 84,65 inch

• Length without shaft 72,83 inch

• Width  29,92 inch

• Width of the rear cover: 35,43 inch

• Rear Cover Height: 21,65 inch

• Cone 6° Grad

•The bulks but are identical as with original Bosch REA 60/6 alternator.

Ø Technical data:

• Voltage 6V

• 3 chagrining Generator

• Charging without load by 1000 RPM  - 7,2V

• Charging under load by 1200 RPM - 70W = 7,2V

• Max load 12A

• Mass minus ( - )

Ø Technical requirements:

• Battery 6V from 3,2Ah - gel, acid or lithium battery

• Ignition coil 6V

 ►On delivery include:

- Dynamo Z

- Electronic controllers

- Warranty card

- Operating Instructions

- Packaging



Dynamo Z 

Part number: 00 7373 07Z 6 - Dynamo Z - 6V/70W - 670,00 €